JPS Solutions, LLC

JPS Solutions helps schools and non-profit organizations transform the lives of children and youth.

Our Focus Areas

We help charter schools, school districts and nonprofits improve the lives of young people.

Our Services

In 2022, we helped Challenge Preparatory Charter School obtain a $1.2 million grant to support its expansion to serve high school students and to create a groundbreaking early college/CTE program. In 2021 we helped schools acquire more than $60 million in federal funds and supported charter schools in receiving full charter renewals and developing Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. We help school board members, principals, teachers and nonprofit leaders create, implement, evaluate and improve their programs. Our "Essential Charter School Services” provides a comprehensive continuum of support to charter schools.

Our Successes

Congratulations to our client Challenge Preparatory Charter School on obtaining a $1.2 million grant to support its expansion. We are proud to have written the successful grant application and look forward to continuing our work helping the school develop and implement its groundbreaking early college/CTE program.
Congratulations to all of the charter schools that worked with us to develop successful applications for CARES Act, ESSER II and American Rescue Plan grants. We are proud to have helped 20 charter schools secure more than $51 million in federal grant funds through these programs, along with another $9 million in Title 1 and similar grants.
Congratulations to our client Innovation Charter High School on its full 5-year charter renewal on March 15, 2021. We are proud to have helped Innovation achieve this milestone. Also, congratulations to Innovation on being the first New York City charter school (and only the second in New York State) with a New York State-approved CTE program.
Congratulations to our clients in Buffalo that worked with us to establish the Buffalo Charter School ELL Consortium to address the needs of English language learners and their teachers in Buffalo across Western New York.
Congratulations to our clients The Renaissance Charter School and Challenge Preparatory Charter School on their successful full 5-year charter renewals in 2019. We are proud to have helped them achieve these milestones.
Congratulations to our colleague and Essential Charter School Services partner Dr. Lloyd Jaeger on the publication of his new book, Principals with Impact: 5 Leadership Roles to Improve Schools.

Our team

Our team has decades of experience advising educational institutions and designing and managing educational programs. We are dedicated to helping your school, district or nonprofit organization achieve its goals.

JPS Solutions Partners

JPS Solutions partners are supported by a team of expert consultants including: