Securing Government and Foundation Grants

We’ve helped schools, school districts and nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars in competitive and entitlement grants and other government funding. JPS Solutions and its partners have raised more than $100 million in grants for charter schools, school districts and educational nonprofits. In 2021, we helped schools acquire more than $60 million in grants. We wrote successful grant applications that supported comprehensive school improvement initiatives, after-school programs, safe schools and anti-bullying programs, mentoring and counseling programs, instructional technology, literacy programs, physical education and fitness and acquisition and expansion of school facilities.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Assess your school or organization’s readiness to apply successfully for grants.

  • Research specific grant opportunities

  • Design programs and develop partnerships to improve your chances of winning grants

  • Analyze Requests for Proposals to determine your best strategies for addressing requirements and selection criteria

  • Write grant proposals, budgets, evaluation plans, partnership agreements and other documents to help you win grants

  • Review and edit your grant proposals

  • Complete entitlement grant applications and maximize entitlement funding

  • Engage in school-wide planning to increase flexibility in spending Title I funds

  • Create and implement short-term and long-term grant development strategies