Strengthening Schools and Public School Districts

JPS Solutions supports high-quality schools and educational programs. JPS Solutions works with public school districts, public charter schools and educational nonprofit organizations to improve academic achievement and growth outcomes for children and youth.

Among our successes are:

  • We designed and helped implement several groundbreaking federal Teacher Incentive Fund-supported programs in New York City, Western New York and New Jersey. Through this project, we helped develop and implement a comprehensive school improvement model, teacher evaluation system and professional development program. We developed grant applications that resulted in more than $50 million in federal funding to support these projects. JPS partner Frank San Felice was co-director of each project, and JPS partners and consultants provided consulting services to more than 20 schools.
  • We facilitated strategic planning, school-wide improvement planning and Board development and training for school districts throughout New York State and charter schools in New York State and New Jersey. We helped School Boards design and implement policies, recruitment and orientation strategies and training programs.
  • We designed and helped to build the national Network of Independent Charter Schools, which supported community-based, non-networked charter schools with consulting, training, technical assistance, a blog and an “online hotline.” We wrote the grant application that secured a $3 million federal Charter Schools Program National Leadership Programs grant. JPS partner Frank San Felice was co-director of the program.
  • We helped more than 50 public school districts and public charter schools secure millions of dollars in Title I and other entitlement grant funds, and we helped multiple schools and districts establish flexible school-wide Title I programs. In 2016, JPS Solutions partner Art Pritchard prepared Consolidated Grant applications for 32 school districts and charter schools, securing more than $4,000,000.
  • We advised organizations that represent and provide services to schools and at-risk youth, including the New York Charter Schools Association, the Center for Educational Innovation, the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, the Boston Urban Youth Foundation, the Community Action Organization of Erie County (NY), Education 21 and the City of Albany, NY’s Department of Youth and Family Services. We also made presentations on educational issues at national conferences including the Education Industry Association conference and the National Alliance of Charter Schools annual conference.