Creating New Schools and Helping Schools Succeed

JPS Solutions helps community leaders and nonprofit organizations create and expand charter schools. We develop successful charter school applications. We also help charter schools successfully navigate the charter renewal process and interact effectively with their charter authorizers.

  • We helped design and wrote charter applications for several successful charter schools, including:

We also advised the development teams of several charter schools, including Newburgh Preparatory Charter School (Newburgh, NY), New Dawn Charter School (NYC) and the Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School (NYC).

  • We advised numerous charter schools regarding their charter renewals and wrote renewal applications that enabled public charter schools to continue and expand their programs. Among the schools that we helped are:

  • We’ve advised charter schools regarding expansion and replication. We helped charter schools collaborate with school districts and with other charter schools in designing and evaluating several New York State Charter School Dissemination grant-funded projects in which successful charter schools shared “best practices” with traditional public schools.