Our Team

JPS Solutions is committed to helping you build better futures for children and youth. Since 2002, JPS Solutions has helped schools, school districts and educational nonprofit organizations succeed. Our people are practitioners with years of experience in K-12 education and in providing sound advice and service to educators.

JPS Solutions helps organizations build programs that improve the lives of children. JPS Solutions has raised more than $60 million in federal, state and private grants for school districts, charter schools and nonprofit organizations, and it has designed and overseen several federally-funded education reform initiatives including 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Community Technology Center programs for school districts and nonprofit organizations, the Partnership for Innovation in Compensation in Charter Schools.(PICCS) and the national Network for Independent Charter Schools.

Meet our executive team

Frank San Felice

Email: sanfelicefrank@gmail.com

Frank San Felice has over 45 years of experience in education. For more than 10 years, he was Program Director of several federally-funded programs including five federal Teacher Incentive Fund-supported programs in New York and New Jersey and the national Network of Independent Charter Schools. He has helped community leaders and organizations design charter school programs and prepare successful charter school applications. He has also helped charter schools work with their authorizers to amend their charters and have their charters renewed.

Frank was instrumental in the development of several successful federal Community Technology Center grant proposals and was a primary developer of two successful federal “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology” grants awarded to major universities. He has served as an evaluator of several federal grants awarded to nonprofit organizations and public school districts and has advised public school districts, charter schools and educational nonprofit organizations on a broad range of educational and administrative topics.

For 12 years, Frank served as the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services for a New York State Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). He has been a social studies teacher, academic department chairperson, middle school administrator and special project director. While at BOCES, he was the primary architect and lead administrator for numerous competitive projects funded by state and federal grant programs as well as by NYNEX/Bell Atlantic (Verizon) and IBM. He has designed and coordinated numerous professional development projects as well as local and statewide educational conferences. He was instrumental in the design, development, implementation and operation of one of the first distance learning networks in New York State, and he was part of the team that evaluated the $50 million New York State Diffusion Fund.

Frank was a Trustee of the NY Center for Autism Charter School and has served as President of the Dutchess County YMCA.

Wayne Jones

Email: wdjcompany@att.net

Wayne D. Jones has more than 30 years of experience specializes in program development, grant writing, strategic planning, charter school development, legal/government compliance and program evaluation. Wayne has helped to develop several K-12 schools. Wayne has also facilitated program development and school improvement initiatives for public school districts, public charter schools and educational non-profit organizations in New York City and across the nation.

Wayne has helped to establish more than a dozen independent charter schools. We have worked extensively with community-based charter school developers and operators to establish innovative charter schools and interact effectively with their charter school authorizers Wayne. has overseen the development of charter school applications that were approved by a variety of charter authorizers. Among these schools are the highly successful New York Charter School for Autism; the Challenge Preparatory Charter School, the East Harlem Scholars Academy Charter School and the recently authorized Renaissance Charter School II.

Wayne also worked with several charter schools to secure full and unencumbered charter renewals—including a “last-chance” high school for at-risk students who have failed or dropped out of school, a military-themed high school for at-risk youth run in partnership with the U.S. Navy, a charter school partnered with the government of Greece and the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy I.

Wayne wrote or co-wrote proposals that secured more than $70 million in grants and government contracts for public school districts, charter schools and educational not-for-profit organizations. He wrote proposals that won multi-million dollar grants for the Dallas Independent School District, the Hartford Public Schools and several public charter schools. He oversaw the development of grant proposals that secured more than $50 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Incentive Fund. These grants supported school improvement programs in New York City, Buffalo and New Jersey. He also designed and secured $3 million in federal funding for a national initiative to support independent, non-networked community-based charter schools.

Wayne has worked extensively with community-based charter school developers and operators to establish innovative charter schools and interact effectively with their charter school authorizers. He has overseen the development of charter school applications that were approved by a variety of charter authorizers. Wayne also worked with several charter schools to secure full and unencumbered charter renewals—including a “last-chance” high school for at-risk students who have failed or dropped out of school, a military-themed high school for at-risk youth run in partnership with the U.S. Navy and the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy I.

Wayne has helped public school districts, charter schools and nonprofit organizations design after-school programs and secure federal and state funding to support them. He helped more than 30 community-based and faith-based organizations obtain federal funding to support academic tutoring programs. He also designed and conducted program evaluations for numerous federally-supported educational programs including 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs, Community Technology Centers, magnet schools, Carol White Physical Education programs, federal counseling grant programs, Safe Schools initiatives and programs to support English Language Learners.

Wayne also oversaw a federal grant-supported national educational blog, and he designed and oversaw a national online “hotline” that provided fast, accurate and targeted information and advice to K-12 educators.

In addition, Wayne helped more than 40 faith-based and community-based organizations , public housing resident organizations and local chapters of national nonprofit in New York City, Buffalo (NY), Long Island (NY), Albany (NY) and Boston provide tutorial and after-school programs as become state-approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) providers.

A graduate of Northwestern University and Yale Law School, Wayne has more than 3025 years of experience helping public school districts, charter schools and nonprofit organizations. In the 1990s, he was Vice President of a political consulting firm that advised and raised funds for the campaigns of national elected officials. In this capacity, Wayne worked with elected officials from both major parties to support educational initiatives.

Art Pritchard

Email: apritchard@jpssolutions.com

Dr. Arthur H. Pritchard has more than 46 years of experience in higher education, nonprofit, public school, and charter school project management, including education and programming and evaluation. He is an expert in strategic planning, team-building, school safety, violence prevention programming, including bullying, and Board of Trustees development.

Dr. Pritchard taught at the college level for 28 years. During that time, he developed and managed 14 Eisenhower Grant-funded programs for college-school district partnerships and two federal FIPSE school violence prevention grants.  He assisted universities and school districts in the development and evaluation of strategic plans, Comprehensive District Education Plans, professional development plans and grant-funded academic initiatives. He secured two major U.S. Department of Education grants for model drug prevention programs. He co-designed the Dutchess Scholars Program for gifted and talented high school students, and he created the Dutchess Academy for Environmental Science, and he has developed adventure-based experiential education programs for adults and youths.  He also served as a trainer for the Northeast Regional Center for Schools and Communities.  During his teaching and administration experience at Dutchess Community College, he created and implemented a series of adventure and cultural experiential education experiences, based on training with Outward Bound, Inc. and the National Leadership School (NOLS), which he became an instructor.  He also successfully obtained and facilitated a federal Carol White Physical Education project.

Since co-founding JPS Solutions in 2000, his work has focused on direct support for public schools and charter schools in support of the production of their annual Consolidated Applications for federal Entitlement funding.  He has facilitated or co-facilitated the creation of several successful charter school applications, and renewals, along with annual reports, including Accountability Plan Progress Reports.   He has participated in several federal grant-funded programs including multiple Teacher Incentive Grant projects and the national Network of Independent Charter Schools.

For the past six years he has been instrumental in the creation of an educational support program, which is being implemented at the Universidad Del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile, and the transfer of “Data Culture” characteristics and procedures for the community of Colina, Chile.  He has also developed a School Certification procedure for Chilean schools, which ensures their operations conform to ten standards of quality, and has created and presented the CEI Distinguished Program Award to Bertait College in Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile.

Currently, he serves as a member of the Imagine Me Leadership Charter School in Brooklyn New York and has served as a trustee on three boards of education for a total of 20 years: (1) Rhinebeck (NY) Central School District Board of Education; (2) Dutchess County (NY) BOCES Board of Education; (3) The Hyde Park (NY) Central School District.  On those boards, he served as President and Vice President in addition to being an elected member.

Email: Ljaeger1776@gmail.com 


Email: Ljaeger1776@gmail.com


Dr. Lloyd Jaeger has been training and developing educators, personnel, leaders, teams, and boards of directors, organizations and community groups for four decades. His extensive career includes leading schools and school districts, teaching at the school and university levels, and serving as a Board officer for many public, private and not-for-profit entities at the local, state and national levels. Dr. Jaeger’s consultancies and workshops have included strategic planning, data-driven school improvement, teacher and principal evaluation, coaching for improved practice, arts-in-education, interdisciplinary instruction, and curriculum development. Clients have called him a strategic thinker, possessing a mastery of language and an uncanny knack for helping organizations and staffs to take an honest look within. Colleagues often refer to him as a master coach and an invaluable facilitator. Lloyd looks forward to collaborating with you to extend the effectiveness of your staff, assess and evolve the coherence of your programs, prepare for and achieve compliance with applicable regulations and grant requirements, and improve your students’ results.

Dr. Jaeger earned a Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College and three advanced degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University. For eleven years, he was a member of the New York State Board of Regents Professional Standards and Practices Board, and was its co-chair of the Higher Education Subcommittee.

Email: m_williamsbryant@yahoo.com


Email: m_williamsbryant@yahoo.com


Morgan Williams-Bryant is a dynamic motivational speaker, former college educator and professional trailblazer in Western New York. A proud native of the City of Buffalo, her thought-provoking, eye-opening messages of self-empowerment, sisterhood and leadership has awakened the spirit of her students, staff and audiences since the age of 15.

She has shared her expertise and poetic prowess on topics ranging from personal and professional development to spirituality at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Medaille College, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – Buffalo Field Office, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Eastern Region and National Conferences and dozens of churches throughout the Buffalo and Niagara Falls region including her church home, Elim Christian Fellowship under the leadership of Bishop T. Anthony Bronner. Morgan’s prolific gift of “spoken word” has made her a highly sought-after keynote speaker, lecturer and guest spokesperson for various community service organizations, high schools, public awareness campaigns and youth outreach initiatives. Her strong stance on addressing issues relevant to the importance of a higher education, the responsibility of African American women in leadership roles, and the impact of negative images and lyrics on youth, has brought audiences to their feet and empowered both young and old to seize the moment, develop a growth plan and realize their full potential.

Morgan served as Program Manager of the Youth and Family Services Department and in 2007, was promoted to the Director of Youth Services for the Community Action Organization of Erie County, Inc. During her tenure, Morgan successfully administered nearly $3 million dollars in grant funding for youth programming and in 2008, took the reigns as Chair of the CAO Education Task Force, raising over $50,000 in scholarship funds for college-bound high school and GED students.

In 2012, Morgan was appointed to Deputy Commissioner for Erie County’s Youth Services Division where she was responsible for the Secure Juvenile Detention Center that houses youth offenders from across New York State. In that position, she also directly supervised the Erie County Youth Bureau which provides over $1.7 million in funding to non-profit organizations, 11 municipal Youth Bureaus and 32 towns and villages throughout the County. Additionally, Morgan’s oversight included all Non-Secure Juvenile Detention Centers which aim to prevent youth from being placed in secure lock-up, the Juvenile Delinquent Services Team and the Family Services Team, both of which provide preventative services to youth of Erie County.

Morgan’s career ascent continued in late 2013 as she was most recently appointed to serve as the Senior Vice President for Community Engagement & Member Services with Girls Scouts of Western New York, managing and implementing programs for over 20,000 girls and adult members.

A devout Christian, Morgan is a dedicated member of the Elim Christian Fellowship where she serves on the Pastoral Care Ministry.

Andrew Verdon

Andrew Verdon has over four decades of experience in education as a middle and secondary school science teacher, adjunct college instructor, school district and Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) administrator, senior administrator at a Washington, DC-based scientific and educational non-profit, and as a consultant with JPS Solutions in support of charter schools and charter school applicants.

With expertise in instruction, curriculum and assessment development and data analysis, Mr. Verdon has developed and implemented competitive grant-funded and other-funded programs at the school district, regional consortium, and national levels.  As both the lead and member of development teams, his work has led to awards of more than 50 million dollars of competitive grants from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the New York State Education Department (NYSED), and private sources including the Mobil and Dyson Foundations.  He has also developed Consolidated Applications for school district federal entitlement funding and as a member of the JPS Solutions team, charter school applications, renewals, and a principal and assistant principal evaluation program.

Mr. Verdon has served in professional societies in elected and appointed positions at the state and national levels, as a grant reviewer for the NSF,  program advisor and grant reviewer for the NYSED, written, edited and co-directed joint projects with the Council of Chief State School Officers, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).   In addition to his published articles, he has written a lead section for a middle-school science text, led the development and publication of national-level policy documents and a best-selling college-level text, convened writing conferences throughout the country, developed an educational forum for congressional staff on Capitol Hill, and coordinated programming for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching sponsored by the White house and funded by NSF.