Program Evaluation

JPS Solutions has designed and implemented program evaluations for federal, state and foundation-funded projects, including federally-funded 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Carol White Physical Education programs, Community Technology Centers and Mentoring programs.

A key focus of our program evaluations is to provide you with “real-time” information to help you “stay on track in reaching your program milestones and objectives. Our aim is to provide you with data and analysis to promote continuous improvement and to help you succeed.

If you are designing a project or developing a grant proposal that would benefit from a high-quality program evaluation, we can help. We’ll work with you to:

  • Design a program evaluation appropriate to your needs

  • Help you prepare the Evaluation Design sections of grant proposals

  • Collect and analyze a variety of data throughout your project

  • Meet and communicate with you periodically over the course of your project to share formative evaluation results (i.e. how well your project is implementing the activities and meeting the timetables described in your original plan or grant proposal)

  • Make recommendations to improve your project implementation

  • Prepare reports periodically and share summative evaluation results (i.e. the effect of your project) and make recommendations to improve your project’s impact.