Developing New Charter Schools

JPS Solutions helped design public charter schools, including schools in high-need communities and schools that serve special student populations. We wrote the initial charter school applications for several successful charter schools including a charter school that enrolls exclusively students with autism and other severe developmental disorders and a CTE High School program partnered with a billion dollar airport renovation program. We also helped to design two “last chance” transfer high schools for over-aged, under-credited high school students.

If you or your organization are interested in developing a charter school, we can help. We’ll work with you to

  • Build your Charter School Development Team and recruit an effective Founding Board of Trustees
  • If your state has more than one charter school authorizer, analyze them to determine which one is most appropriate for your proposed charter school
  • Engage in research and planning to design your school
  • Align your charter school model with ESSA and state learning standards, your state’s Education and Not-for-Profit Laws and the requirements of your charter authorizer
  • Help make decisions about the charter application and authorization process
  • Establish partnerships as needed to help fulfill your charter school mission and program
  • Write your charter application supporting materials
  • Develop your charter school’s By-laws, Code of Ethics, Discipline Policy (including, if you like, Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies and Restorative Justice practices), Personnel policies and related documents
  • Develop your charter school’s budget and financial management policies
  • Advise you regarding public and community outreach and your public communications plan
  • Communicate on your behalf with the authorizer of your proposed charter school
  • Prepare for your Capacity Interview with your proposed authorizer, including Mock Interviews with Feedback
  • Once approved, facilitate pre-opening planning. We can help you establish policies, practices and procedures to ensure the successful launch and operation of your charter school.