Developing New Charter Schools

JPS Solutions helped design public charter schools, including schools in high-need communities and schools that serve special student populations. We wrote the initial charter school applications for several highly-successful schools including a charter school with a student population comprised exclusively of children with autism and other severe developmental disorders and an Early College Academy charter school. We also helped to design two “last chance” transfer high schools for over-aged, under-credited high school students.

If you or your organization are interested in developing a charter school, we can help. We’ll work with you to

  • Assess whether starting a charter school is the most appropriate way to accomplish your educational and youth development goals
  • Build your Charter School Development Team and recruit an effective Founding Board of Trustees
  • If your state has more than one charter school authorizer, analyze them to determine which one is most appropriate for your proposed charter school
  • Engage in research and planning to design your school
  • Align your charter school model with ESSA and state learning standards, your state’s Education and Not-for-Profit Laws and the requirements of your charter authorizer
  • Help you understand and make decisions about the charter application and authorization process
  • Review the requirements of your state or authorizer’s Request for Applications and related documents
  • Establish partnerships as needed to help fulfill your charter school mission and program
  • Write your charter application supporting materials
  • Create your charter school’s By-laws, Code of Ethics, Discipline Policy (including, if you like, Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies and Restorative Justice practices), Personnel policies and related documents
  • Develop your charter school’s budget and financial management policies
  • Advise you regarding public and community outreach and your public communications plan
  • Communicate on your behalf with the authorizer of your proposed charter school
  • Prepare for your Capacity Interview with your proposed authorizer, including Mock Interviews with Feedback
  • Once approved, facilitate pre-opening planning. We can help you establish policies, practices and procedures to ensure the successful launch and operation of your charter school.