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  1. Our intent is to publish new articles periodically. Some will be on the ins and outs of managing, governing and teaching in K-12 schools. Others may be on general issues in K-12 education or whatever else is interesting at any given moment.
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Welcome to the JPS Solutions Blog

Welcome to our blog. We’re glad you’re here.

Our blog will feature insights, news, opinions, discussions, links and educational resources to help you improve your school’s programs and grow in your professional practice. What’s more, we’ll share our thoughts about developments and research in K-12 education and invite you to comment and discuss.

Our blog’s mission is to create a safe and respectful space for discussion. We want to share our views about how to improve K-12 education, and we invite you to share your thoughts, your opinions and your experiences. We may also, from time to time, share with you our musings about schools and about life in general. We encourage you to do the same.

JPS Solutions has helped public school districts, independent “mom and pop” charter schools and educational nonprofits for more than 15 years. We’ve had the privilege of working with school boards, principals, teachers and parents in schools across the country. We’ve also helped schools and nonprofit organizations secure more than $50 million in grants.

JPS Solutions believes that fresh ideas are the key to change. We also believe that positive change in our educational system is needed now more than ever.

We hope that this blog will promote transformative dialogue to improve education for all of our children.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to many interesting and fruitful discussions…