Our Team – Wayne

Wayne D. Jones specializes in program development, grant writing, strategic planning, charter school development, legal/government compliance and program evaluation. Wayne has helped to develop several K-12 charter schools. Wayne also facilitated program development and school improvement initiatives for school districts, charter schools and educational non-profit organizations in New York City and across the nation.Wayne also helped several schools develop successful Educational Continuity Plans in response to the COVID-19 crisis and guided them in creating and implementing Reopening Plans to establish effective remote learning and “hybrid” learning program in the 2020-21 academic year.

Wayne is currently advising several charter schools and federally- funded after-school programs to be effective in the post-COVID “new normal.”

Wayne helped to establish more than a dozen independent charter schools. Wayne worked extensively with community-based charter school developers and operators to establish innovative charter schools. Wayne oversaw the development of charter school applications that were approved by a variety of charter authorizers. Among these schools are the highly successful New York Charter School for Autism; the Challenge Preparatory Charter School, the East Harlem Scholars Academy Charter School, the South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School, the Evergreen Charter School and the recently authorized Renaissance Charter School II.

If you are interested in creating a charter school, please take a look at Wayne’s blogs

Wayne also worked with several charter schools to secure full and unencumbered charter renewals—including a “last-chance” high school for at-risk students who have failed or dropped out of school, a military-themed high school for at-risk youth run in partnership with the U.S. Navy, a charter school partnered with the government of Greece and the initial Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy charter school. In 2018, Wayne helped the Challenge Preparatory Charter School (Challenge Prep) obtain a full renewal and permission to expand to become one of the largest single charter schools in the country. Challenge Prep is now creating an innovative program of career-technology education in cooperation with colleges, hospitals and the multi-million dollar renovation of the JFK International Airport.

Wayne wrote or co-wrote proposals that secured more than $50 million in grants and government contracts for school districts, charter schools and not-for-profit organizations. He wrote proposals that won multi-million dollar grants for the Dallas Independent School District, the Hartford Public Schools and several charter schools. He oversaw the development of grant proposals that secured more than $40 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Incentive Fund. These grants supported school improvement programs in New York City, Buffalo and New Jersey. He also designed and secured $3 million in federal funding for a national initiative to support independent community-based charter schools.

Wayne has helped school districts, charter schools and nonprofit organizations design after-school programs and secure federal and state funding to support them. He helped more than 30 community-based and faith-based organizations obtain federal funding to support academic tutoring programs. He also designed and conducted program evaluations for numerous federally-supported educational programs including 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs, Community Technology Centers, magnet schools, Carol White Physical Education programs, federal counseling grant programs, Safe Schools initiatives and programs to support English Language Learners.

Wayne also oversaw a federal grant-supported national educational blog, and he designed and oversaw a national online “hotline” that provided fast, accurate and targeted information and advice to K-12 educators.

In addition, Wayne helped more than 40 faith-based and community-based organizations , public housing resident organizations and local chapters of national nonprofit in New York City, Buffalo (NY), Long Island (NY), Albany (NY) and Boston provide tutorial and after-school programs as become state-approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) providers.

A graduate of Northwestern University and Yale Law School, Wayne has more than 30 years of experience helping public school districts, charter schools and nonprofit organizations. In the 1990s, he was Vice President of a political consulting firm that advised and raised funds for the campaigns of national elected officials.