Our Team

Essential Charter School Services (ECSS) draws from a diverse group of experienced charter school practitioners and advisors. The ECSS team has helped to establish new charter schools and supported numerous charter schools in securing charter renewals. The ECSS team has also designed and helped to implement charter school support initiatives supported by multi-million dollar federal grants. The ECSS team includes:

 JPS Solutions LLC

JPS Solutions has worked with charter school development groups and charter schools for more than 18 years. JPS Solutions has designed charter schools, developed successful charter applications, supported charter schools in school improvement and strategic planning and helped charter schools achieve charter renewal. JPS Solutions’ partners have decades of experience helping charter schools, including:

Frank San Felice

Email: sanfelicefrank@gmail.com fsanfelice@jpssolutions.com

Frank San Felice—Frank has more than 45 years of experience in K-12 education, including more than a decade as Program Director of federally-funded programs supporting charter schools in New York State, New Jersey and across the country. He has advised charter schools in academic programming, operations and data-informed decision-making, and he was a Founding Trustee of the New York Center for Autism Charter School.

Email: wdjcompany@att.net

Email: wdjcompany@att.net wjones@jpssolutions.com

Wayne D. Jones — Wayne has more than 20 years of experience working with charter schools. He co-designed and wrote charter applications for more than a dozen -successful charter schools, and he secured full and unencumbered charter renewals for established charter schools. Wayne also wrote and/or oversaw development of grant applications that secured more than $40 million in grants to support charter schools.

Art Pritchard

Email: apritchard@jpssolutions.com

Dr. Arthur Pritchard—Art has more than 45 years of experience in education, educational Board service and consulting to charter schools. He is an expert in strategic planning, team-building, school safety, violence prevention programming (including anti-bullying) and Board development. He has served as a Trustee of the Imagine Me Leadership Charter School in Brooklyn NY and has served as President, Vice President and elected member of several traditional school district Boards of Education. Art also provided charter renewal, annual report and federal entitlement consolidated application services for the seven Carl Icahn Charter Schools for more than ten years.

Learning and Leadership Services, LLC (LLS) 

Email: Ljaeger1776@gmail.com 


Email: Ljaeger1776@gmail.com Lloyd@learningleadershipservices.com

Under the leadership of Dr. Lloyd Jaeger, LLS has supported schools in strategic planning, data-driven school improvement, teacher and principal evaluation, coaching for improved practice, arts-in-education, interdisciplinary instruction, and curriculum development. Lloyd has trained and developed educators, personnel, leaders, leadership and instructional teams, boards of directors, organizations and community groups for four decades. He has developed curricula and instructional programs for several new and established charter schools, and he has provided professional development for charter school leaders and teachers.

 A J. Verdon Consulting LLC

Email: andyverdon@gmail.com

Email: andyverdon@gmail.com

Under the leadership of Andrew Verdon, A.J. Verdon Consulting, LLC supports schools in the areas of instruction, curriculum and assessment development and data analysis. Andy has more than four decades of experience in education as a middle and secondary school science teacher, adjunct college instructor, school district and Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) administrator, senior administrator at a Washington, DC-based scientific and educational non-profit, and consultant to charter schools. Andy has developed and overseen implementation of innovative Principal and teacher evaluation systems and school improvement programs for charter schools.

 Mary Grace Eapen

Mary Grace has helped to establish more than 20 charter schools in New York City, New York State and New Orleans. Her work has also resulted in the successful charter renewal of over 10 charter schools in New York and New Jersey, the raising of almost $10 million in public and private sector grants for nonprofit organizations and charter schools, and the development of an educational leadership training program for aspiring inner-city Catholic grammar school leaders. Mary Grace began her career in corporate and public finance at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York (now JP Morgan Chase) and has spent almost 20 years leading highly regarded nonprofit organizations and founding successful programs, including a charter school in the Bronx (NY) As a consultant and owner of TIER Consulting Services LLC. Mary Grace has supported nonprofit organizations, charter schools and charter management organizations in fundraising (including writing private, federal, state and local government grant applications, program development and evaluation, charter school development including writing charter applications and charter school renewal applications, board development and training and strategic planning.

 MWB Consulting Services

Email: morgan@mwbignites.com

Email: morgan@mwbignites.com

Under the leadership of Morgan Williams-Bryant, MWB Consulting Services has a long and successful track record of providing consulting and advice to educational organizations, charter schools, traditional school districts and youth development organizations A proud native of Buffalo NY, Morgan has dedicated her career to improving the lives of children, youth and families in Western New York and beyond. Morgan is the former Deputy Commissioner for Erie County’s Youth Services Division, former Director of Youth Services for the Community Action Organization of Western New York and current Senior Vice President for Community Engagement & Member Services with Girl Scouts of Western New York. Morgan currently serves on the Board of Buffalo’s Charter School of Inquiry. Morgan.is committed to empowering and expanding opportunities for young people—and especially young women of color—and has established workshops, seminars and keynote addresses to provide advice and encouragement to organizations and individuals throughout New York State. Morgan’s company is a Minority/Women Business Enterprise certified by New York State and Erie County.

 Account Solutions of New York (ASNY)


Under the leadership of Digant Bahl, CPA, ASNY has provided comprehensive accounting and financial advisory services to charter schools and educational not-for-profit organizations. Digant founded ASNY to help charter schools ease the burden of accounting, recordkeeping and fiscal reporting so that management can focus on School’s mission. Digant has more than 18 years of experience providing accounting and auditing services to some of the foremost charter schools in the greater New York metropolitan area. Digant has served as President of the Board of the Manhattan Chapter of the New York State Society of CPA’s.

 Patricia (Pat) Pitts

Patricia Pitts

Pat is the former Coordinator of the Western New York Charter School Alliance and Director of Institutional Advancement at the Charter School for Applied Technologies. Pat was also Buffalo Project Manager for the federally-funded Partnership for Innovation for Compensation in Charter Schools (PICCS), where she facilitated professional development and school improvement initiatives in several charter schools. Pat served as Executive Director of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Charter School Initiative and was a founder and board member of the Charter School for Applied Technologies. She was also instrumental in the start-up of the Center for Urban Education at Canisius College.

 Jane Y. Sun

Jane Sun Picture

Jane has over ten years of experience working on the technical side of education. As the former lead data engineer for the Center for Education Innovation (CEI), Jane is an expert in analyzing all levels of education data. She has worked with multiple schools and acted as a decision maker for business rules and other implementation elements. With Masters Degrees in Curriculum and Pedagogy from Tianjin Normal University and Applied Mathematics from City College of New York,  Jane also has experience in the teaching field. She served as a lecturer for the mathematics division at the Tianjin Foreign Language School for 10 years, developing effective math curriculum for middle and high school students. Jane currently serves on the Board of New Dawn Charter High School and is a former Council Member on the Community Educational Council of NYC District 3.