The American Rescue Plan: Resources and Support for Districts and Charter Schools

The American Rescue Plan 

Helping Your School Succeed in the Post COVID “New Normal’

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, JPS Solutions has worked with charter schools across New York State to help establish school safety and re-opening plans, restructure academic programs and adapt to a challenging and constantly-changing educational environment.
In 2021, JPS Solutions helped 20 charter schools develop state-approved School Re-opening Plans and acquire more than $51 million in American Rescue Plan and ESSER grants. We are now helping these schools implement and evaluate their CARES Act, ESSER II and American Rescue Plan programs.
We also helped schools prepare successful applications that obtained millions of dollars through the CARES Act and ESSER II. We are now helping these schools implement and evaluate their CARES Act, ESSER II and American Rescue Plan programs
About the American Rescue Plan
In March 2021, President Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan., This new law provides more than $130 billion to help K-12 schools, including charter schools, return to in-person instruction and address the impact of the COVID 19 disruption on students’ learning and social-emotional health.  

Presentation regarding Rescue Plan Funding:

To obtain American Rescue Plan funding, school districts and charter school LEAs are required to create Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plans that ensure continuity of services and commitment to supporting student learning. The plans must show how schools will use the funds to support: 

  • Safe and healthy re-opening of school buildings
  • Successful transitions from remote to hybrid to in-person learning
  • Addressing COVID 19-related “Learning Loss”
  • Improving school programs and supporting students’ social-emotional health 

JPS Solutions helped LEAs develop Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plans and ARP and other COVID relief applications enabling schools to acquire more than $50 million. JPS Solutions can now help your district or charter school LEA monitor and assess the implementation of your approved ARP ESSER plan in accordance with the federal requirement to evaluate your plan every six months throughout the grant period. Solutions can help your district or charter school LEA create a plan that meets the requirements of the American Rescue Plan. Contact us here!

What’s more, we believe that the process of developing these plans can support your district or charter school in reimagining and improving your educational programs as we transition from a year of remote learning. Let’s talk about how your American Rescue Plan can result in continuous and sustainable school improvement. Contact us here!