Phase Two – Successfully Launching Your Charter School

We can help your school get off to a successful start by moving effectively from the “Design and Application Phase” to the “Implementation and Operation Phase.”

  • The Essential Charter School Services team members have helped several “start-up” charter schools establish the policies and practices needed to succeed. One of the charter schools we advised was recently awarded its second full-term renewal with permission to expand from its initial growth plan of grades K-5 to a new growth plan of grades K-12 that will make it one of the largest independent charter schools in the country.

Our team includes:

    • Mary Grace Eapen, who was a Founder of one of New York City’s most successful charter schools. Mary Grace has lived through the “ups and downs” of building a great charter school, and her expertise and insights will help any new charter school launch effectively and achieve excellence.
    • Frank San Felice, who was a founding Board member of a successful charter school with a student population comprised entirely of children with autism or other severe developmental disabilities. Frank draws upon his experience helping to launch this charter school to help new charter schools establish strong governance practices and effective programs for students with special needs. Frank also draws upon his experience as Program Director of multiple federally-funded school improvement programs for new and established charter schools to help new charter schools establish and implement “best practices.”
    • Patricia (Pat) Pitts, a founding Board member of a successful charter school in Buffalo, NY that has a strong focus on technology. Pat’s experience enables her to support early-stage charter schools and help charter schools build sound “theme-based” academic programs.
    • Wayne D. Jones, who helped to develop more than a dozen charter schools and advised most of these schools following approval of their charters. Several of the charter schools that Wayne worked with extensively have received multiple charter renewals and expanded and/or replicated. Wayne will draw on his experience in advising new charter schools to help your school achieve its immediate and long-term objectives.
    • Dr. Art Pritchard, who has served on the Boards of charter schools and school districts and has helped dozens of new charter schools secure Title I and other entitlement grants. He has helped new charter schools conduct needs assessments and engage in school improvement planning to achieve success. Art can help your new charter school identify needs and achieve your goals.
  •   Our services to new charter schools include:
    • Working with Boards—including Board development and training and observations of and participation in Board meetings with recommendations to improve performance of the Board and the school.
    • Helping to establish Board and School policies, with the understanding that “governance by policy” and “management guided by policy” are essential elements of charter school success
    • Support in recruiting, hiring, managing and supporting school leadership and other staff
    • Support in curriculum development, selection and administering of assessments and professional development for Trustees, school leaders and staff
    • Guidance and support in establishing a school-wide data culture in which all administrators, teachers and other instructional staff are empowered and supported in using a variety of student data to inform and improve instruction
    • Financial management and reporting
    • Establishment of policies and practices to ensure that the charter school is in compliance with laws, regulations and the commitments in its charter