Phase One – Developing Your Charter School Application

We can help you design your charter school, interact with your charter authorizer and develop a first-rate charter school application.

  • The Essential Charter School Services advisors have helped more than two dozen charter school development groups establish innovative charter schools. We are proud that the charter schools we helped to developed include a charter school exclusively serving children with autism or other severe developmental disabilities. This school has been so successful that it recently replicated to establish a second charter school.
  • If you and your development team want to create a charter school, we can help you
    • Identify and define the goals, themes and key design elements of your proposed charter school
    • Select and work with the charter authorizer of your proposed charter school
    • Define your proposed school’s approach to instruction, assessments and promoting high levels of student achievement
    • Define your proposed school’s culture and approach to positive student discipline
    • Define your proposed school’s approach to staff recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, professional development, evaluation and retention
    • Create new school development strategies and make decisions about the charter application and authorization process
    • Engage in planning and development of your charter school well in advance of the issuance of a Request for Applications
    • Respond successfully to your state or charter authorizer’s Request for Applications
    • Establish partnerships and alliances to strengthen your charter school application
    • Engage in extensive public and community outreach to show support for your charter school
    • Establish a pre-opening plan that ensures your school’s success