Important Covid-19 Resources

JPS Solutions supports our schools and organizations as they respond to the changes and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope that the resources we’ve linked to will be helpful to you, along with resources provided by many of the organizations in our “Useful Links” section below. Check back as we will be adding to our collection of COVID-19 resources. Please contact us if you’d like to talk about reopening and school improvement as we adjust to and succeed in “the new normal.”

Health and Safety

  1. Interim Cleaning and Disinfection Guidance for Primary and Secondary Schools for COVID-19 : This NYS DOH bulletin provides specific guidelines for hand and respiratory hygiene and for cleaning and disinfection. The bulletin also provides a list of high-risk locations in the school building that warrant regular cleaning and disinfection as well as examples of frequently touched areas in the school that may require being disinfected multiple times during the school day.
  2. Reopening Schools in the Context of COVID-19: Health and Safety Guidelines From Other Countries : This brief provides insight into health and safety guidelines and social distancing strategies used in other countries that have successfully reopened their schools in the context of COVID-19. Examples are intended to support school policymakers and administrators in the United States as they plan for reopening.
    MAY 15 2020 – Learning Policy Institute
  3. Operating Schools During COVID-19: In this update, the CDC offers updated considerations for mitigation strategies that K-12 school administrators can use to help protect students, teachers, and staff and slow the spread of COVID-19. These updated Considerations for Schools are intended to aid school administrators as they consider how to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of students, teachers, staff, their families, and communities.
    Updated Sept. 1, 2020 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – CDC CHILDCARE
  4.  A Plan to Safely Reopen America’s Schools and Communities: Guidance for imagining a new normal for public education, public health, and our economy in the age of COVID-19. This document provides a roadmap for navigating the next steps. It provides specific guidance for transitioning from lockdowns to other public health tools to limit the transmission of COVID-19. It focuses on reopening school buildings in particular because the safe reopening of public school buildings means students can go to school, and parents, who work outside the home, can go to work. That is key to the reopening of the broader economy.
    April 28, 2020 – American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  5. 6 Ways to Bring Students and Staff Back to Schools: This article helps district and school leaders make high-stakes decisions regarding bringing students and staff back to school in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Education Week spoke to more than a dozen experts, including public health officials, education leaders, and superintendents, to determine a list of a half-dozen potential models, some of which could be used simultaneously.
    June 10, 2020 – Ed Week
  6. Why Rapid Coronavirus Tests in Schools May Not Be the ‘Game Changer’ Some Officials Hope For – As charter schools and school districts begin to consider the use of rapid COVID-19 testing of staff and students, many questions require attention and resolution, if possible. This Ed Week article provides available information to help school and district leaders make responsible decisions regarding COVID-19 testing in their schools and districts.
    Oct. 9, 2020 – Ed Week
  7. CDC Offers Cautions, Guidance for Schools’ COVID-19 Testing Strategies – With the increased availability of tests, these considerations are intended to provide guidance on the appropriate use of testing for COVID-19 in K-12 schools for surveillance, diagnosis, screening, or outbreak response. 

    October 14, 2020 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)