JPS Charter Renewal Service

JPS Solutions has been offering Charter Renewal Services in New York State for more than ten years and has assisted charter schools authorized by NYSED, SUNY-CSI, and NYC-DOE. We are also available to consult regarding renewals in states other than New York

A brief introduction outlining our approach for support during the charter renewal process is presented below. The objectives of JPS Solutions are to work with School Leadership Teams to:

  1. Conduct a thorough review and analysis of the charter school’s achievements, progress towards meeting goals, “lessons learned” and modifications to the charter made during the charter term;
  2. Support School Leadership Teams in identifying challenges, creating and/or improving strategies to address them and determine the best ways to present this information in the renewal application;
  3. Help review and modify the school’s academic, operational and governance programs and practices for the next charter term and revise the current charter to reflect changes that will be proposed in the school’s education model;
  4. Help charter school leaders interact effectively with their authorizer throughout the renewal process, including support in preparation of the upcoming site visit(s); and
  5. Prepare and submit a successful renewal charter application, new “next term” charter application and all other required documents on or before the deadlines established by the authorizer.


Charter School Renewal Applications Developed by JPS Solutions

School Outcome
The Renaissance CS 2010 Renewed—full term

2015 Renewed—4.2 year

Challenge Prep CS 2015 Renewed—full term
Heketi Community CS 2016 Renewed – 3 years
Hellenic Classical CS 2015 Renewed—full term
Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy I CS 2009 Renewed—full term
JV Lindsay Wildcat CS 2005 Renewed—full term

2015 Renewed—full term

Western NY Maritime Academy CS 2009 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #1 2011 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #2 2012 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #3 2013 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #4 2014 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #5 2015 Renewed—full term
Carl Icahn CS #6 2016 Renewed—full term
Bronx Charter School for Children 2009 Renewed—full term
Williamsburg Charter HS 2009 Renewed—full term
Renaissance Charter HS for Innovation 2015 Renewed—3.5 years
Enterprise CS (Buffalo) 2014 Renewed—2 years

2016 Renewed—3 years

Imagine Me Leadership CS 2015 Renewed-1.5 years

2016 Renewed 3 years