Helping Charter Schools in Renewal

We’ve successfully guided several charter schools through the rigorous charter renewal process. Among the schools we helped get unconditional, full-term charter renewals are a K-12 community charter school, a Greek-themed charter school designed and operated in partnership with the Greek Ministry of Education, the first charter school established by the Harlem Children’s Zone, a “last chance” transfer charter high school for over-aged under-credited high school students and a military-themed high school for at-risk youth run in partnership with the U.S. Navy.

Whether your charter school is about to enter the charter renewal process or you are planning for renewal “down the road,” we can help.

We’ll work with you to:

    • Facilitate discussions about the renewal requirements of your charter authorizer and design a plan to address them successfully
    • Conduct a thorough review and analysis of your charter (and any modifications that may have occurred during the charter term), as well as any reports, correspondence or other documents from your charter authorizer during the charter term
    • Review and analyze your charter school’s student data, Board minutes and other evidence of program effectiveness to support your charter renewal
    • Coordinate renewal-related activity at your charter school, such as Board ratification of revised By-Laws and other documents
    • Facilitate discussions with relevant members of your charter school’s Board, administration and faculty to collect information and feedback necessary to complete the renewal application
    • Advise you regarding any changes in programming, organizational design, governance, operations or other areas that you want your charter school to make in the next charter term.
    • Write the renewal narrative and other required sections of the renewal application
    • Revise your By-Laws, Code of Ethics and/or other organizational documents to reflect changes that occurred during the charter term or that will occur in the next charter term
    • Complete all required budgets and financial information
    • Communicate on your behalf with the authorizer of your charter school