JPS Charter School Policy and Regulation Service

Bringing Your Charter School Consistency, Collaboration, and Clarity

Public charter school policies create consistent standards for making decisions and taking action.  The JPS Solutions Charter School Policy and Regulation Service is designed to assist charter school leaders in the operation and management of their schools and to guide governing board members in their duties and responsibilities.

Why do charter schools need policies?

    • Policies establish a standard and recommended way of acting in challenging situations
    • Policies clarify roles and implementations of the school legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
    • Policies serve as a guide when board members carry out their governance duties while staff members conduct daily operations
    • Policies function as a protective mechanism for the organization and for individuals when a decision is questioned as those responsible are able to explain the manner in which they reached their conclusions by pointing to an approved policy that was follow

What is included with the JPS Solutions Charter School Policy/Regulation Service and Annual Subscription?

    • Federal Compliance Policies
    • Board Governance
    • Administration
    • Academic Program
    • Staff Members
    • Students
    • Finances
    • Property
    • Operations
    • Relations General Policies
    • Human Resources
    • Financial Operations
    • Operation Policy Templates

As well as:

    • Ongoing Updates and Implementation Support
    • Webinars and Training
    • Technical Assistance
    • Peer Networking

Policy templates have been carefully crafted following best practices and have been reviewed and vetted by legal experts, however schools should have their own legal experts review policies prior to adoption.  Policies provide a solid foundation for board members to use in adapting and adopting their own policies.

How do we manage the adoption of Board Policies?

We know that adoption takes time and effort.  To better assist you, JPS Solutions personnel will conduct webinars to provide best practices for working through the policies and getting them quickly adopted by your board.  We shall provide peer networking opportunities to develop new solutions through policy.  JPS Solutions personnel have developed policy templates for critical policies needed in every charter school pollicy manual.

What are the costs involved?

    • JPS Solutions Charter School Policy Service:  $3,200 – This is a one-time cost which includes initial support in policy development and implementation, supported by webinars and technical assistance for one year.
    • Annual Subscription after the first year:  $750 per year. – The annual subscription includes continued technical assistance, access to continuous  policy updates and training webinars, training and related supports.

To purchase the Service, resolve questions, or for further information, please contact Dr. Arthur Pritchard at


We wish  to remind you of the clear distinction between supplying information related to the law and the provisions of legal advice.  The JPS Solutions Charter School Policy Service contains legal information that is not to be construed as legal advice.  Policy Service policy templates are supportive resources only.  You are encouraged to seek legal counsel for actual application of the law to your charter school’s individual situations and circumstances.